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English or French Communication & Foundation Program

Most students take our English or French Communication & Foundation Program, creating their own unique learning journey by choosing from our extensive selection of courses! ILSC offers two types of courses. Core courses help you focus on developing key language skills. Skills elective courses let you learn, practise, and perfect your language skills through exploring unique topics that match your interests.
Every 4 weeks you get to customize your learning by choosing new courses.


Prepackaged Programs

ILSC’s program specialists have designed language programs with specific outcomes in mind to help you to achieve your language learning goals. While ILSC's programs often have specific course requirements, most still offer you the flexibility to choose between a few different course options.
Our Prepackaged Programs are ideal for students who are looking to achieve specific goals, such as entry into a university or college, or qualification for a specific language exam.


Other Important Information

Entry Requirement

The minimum age for general studies and most specialty programs is 16* at the commencement of studies.
*For ILSC’s Junior programs, students must be between 10–17 years old.

Some courses and programs require a specific language level before you can begin – see our courses and programs list to view level requirements.


Course Delivery

All courses and programs are delivered face-to-face.


Assessment Methods

Most students will complete one academic level within 8 weeks. At the end of every 4 week session, teachers provide students with at Student Progress Report (SPR). Students must earn at least 70% on their SPR to move to the next level. The SPR assesses student performance in class (speaking skills, grammar skills, etc.) and assessment results (tests, homework, quizzes, etc.).



Students will receive a certificate of completion at the end of their studies as long as they have met the attendance requirement. Students will also receive additional certificates for most specialty programs upon successful completion of program requirements.



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